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A mysterious and wonderful full scale Worship / Creative Arts Conference

Heaven is coming down to earth- Learn how to LIVE a life of worship so you can LEAD a life worship. Go somewhere you have never been so you can lead someone to a place they have never been.

There are INTERNSHIP worship and tech programs for you.

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I'm not a musician but Stephen translated my priorities as a Pastor into tangible direction for our worship team and sound people. This is just what we needed. My folks were blessed with how patient Stephen was as a coach and interested in them as a mentor.
Thank you Stephen. Our worship band improved overnight from the one session we had with you. We're excited!
I was impressed with how the Living It To Lead It event united our tech people with our music people. We already had a good thing going but Stephen took us to a whole new level of meshing together, and it's obvious come Sunday morning.
Steve gave us arrangement ideas for our band, instructions on how to practice more effectively, sound solutions that we actually understand and encouragement toward a much bigger vision. We're gonna touch the heart of God!

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